EDEN Body Lotion

Andrea’s favorite! is a fully rounded floral marvel. Inspired by the enchanting fragrance “Chinatown” created by Bond # 9, Eden is a romantic blend of tuberose, gardenia, peony, and honey. Tuberose is a natural Anti Inflammatory that also helps with Nausea, while Gardenia is often recommended for Anxiety, Insomnia and Female Imbalances. For the Flower Child!


FRESH Body Lotion

A delicious tropical fan favorite that entices the senses with tangerine, black cherry, verbena, and sweet orange essential oil to restore your body’s Natural Energy. Tangerine and Sweet Orange essential oils are an excellent source of Antioxidants that aid in promoting a Healthy Immune System. Verbena is a lemon essential oil which is said to relieve Depression. Our signature Fresh body lotion just makes you happy happy happy!


TONIC Body Lotion

Was created as part of our signature Nailed and Lashed Men’s line. This earthy and exotic fragrance combines Sandalwood, Fennel, and Amber. Just a dash of Fennel oil provides a faint licorice aroma that compliments Sandalwood wonderfully. Amber essential oil is said to have a Calming Quality and is also a Natural Aphrodisiac. This sexy subtle scent is a definite Yes!


ICE Body Lotion

Offers a cool brisk textured aroma of cool coconut oil and invigorating Peppermint essential oil. This signature body lotion is one of our most popular! Peppermint oil has been used for centuries to provide Muscle Pain Relief and Joint Therapy. It is a Natural Energizer that also is used to reduce fever. We have combined it with Coconut oil which is a Natural Moisturizer. Our Ice body lotion leaves your skin soft while relieving aches and pains. This wildly cool and warm combination is great for relieving Sunburn too!


KARMA Body Lotion

The most complex of all our products consisting of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tobacco Caramel, Vanilla, Jasmine, Sweet Orange, and Lime. Patchouli essential oil is widely used in the perfume industry it is also been known to aid in the treatment of Eczema and Dermatitis. Jasmine essential oil calms the Body, Mind, and Soul while lime oil is thought to inspire positive thought and Mental Clarity. Together with the additional notes of this complex signature scent we think we’ve Nailed it!


PURE Body Lotion

This sinfully rich signature scent combines nuances of Warm vanilla, Mediterranean fig, cedarwood, and jasmine with just a hint of Blueberry. Vanilla essential oil processes a Relaxing, Tranquil Quality, Cedarwood is thought to improve Focus and Wisdom. Together they create a hypnotic effect, you’re gonna love this Lotion!


BUFF Body Scrub

This spa formula is designed to Relieve Muscle Aches and Pains while leaving you with refreshing feelings of Purity and Cleanliness. Full of Rosemary and Lemon essential oils that are attributed to Boosting Mental Activity and promoting a Healthy Respiratory System. Designed to bring out the go-getter spirit in all of us!


KISS Body Scrub

A sexy sweet combination of Fresh Pear, Emollient Honey, Warm Cinnamon, and Decadent Brown Sugar and is fast becoming a popular guilty pleasure. Honey is full of Antioxidants and is known to Slow Down the Aging Process. Cinnamon is known for it’s Pain Relieving Qualities, the ability to cure nail funguses, and is widely used in the perfume industry. This signature body scrub promises to leave your skin soft and kissable!


VELVET Body Scrub

A spicy love affair blissfully constructed from Lavender essential oil kindled with hints of Patchouli, Clove, and Black Pepper. Lavender is the most versatile of all essential oils. Most commonly known for its Relaxing Effects on the body. It has the ability to Relieve Nervous Tension. Traditional Chinese Medicine used Clove oil for supporting a Healthy Digestive System is has warming effect on the skin and is said to provide Insight to Emotional Responses while promoting Overall Wellness. This body scrub will make your skin soft as velvet!


GLOW Body Scrub

Will awaken you and cheer you up with a sunny blend of refreshingly ripe Pink Grapefruit and fragrant Lily enhanced with juicy Mango. Grapefruit essential oil’s number one benefit is in it’s ability to reduce depression. It is also a natural remedy for arthritis. This refreshing body scrub processes a definite feel good quality!



A Nailed and Lashed signature flavor. This lavish first class scent is worth every penny. Created especially for the “Glam Girl” in all of us. Our Champagne body scrub it loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants perfect for that special night when nothing else will do cause…. You’re worth it!


Bath Bombs

Neon Bomb, Milk Bomb, Spa Bomb, Petals Bomb, Summer Bomb, Blueberry Bomb, Emoji Bomb, Love Bomb, Middle Dreamsicle Bomb