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Have more questions ? Contact us for more details.
Have more questions ? Contact us for more details.
Have more questions ? Contact us for more details.
Have more questions ? Contact us for more details.

Services We Offer at Nailed & Lashed Las Vegas

As one of the most incredible nail salon experiences in Las Vegas at Nailed & Lashed, we offer a wide array of nail and eyelash services that include: natural nails, nail extensions, a la carte nail services, standard pedicures, specialty pedicures, eyelash extensions, eyelash series specials, facial services, and waxing. All of our services are provided by talented and experienced professionals who have been working in and managing beauty salons for years.

Learn more about our services below:

Natural Nails

Natural nail manicures are a classic and timeless way to emphasize the natural beauty of your nails. With a natural nail manicure from Nailed & Lashed, our talented nail technicians will take care of your cuticles, trim your nails, and make sure that your hands have a clean and elegant look. Natural nails are a great style to sport with your everyday look and they go with any style that you could think of.

Acrylic Nails

Nail extensions are the perfect way to make your nails stand out with gel polish and acrylic nail extensions from Nailed & Lashed! Nail extensions have become increasingly popular and are sported with just about any look that you want to match! Nail extensions are long lasting and look incredible! At Nailed & Lashed, you can get nail extensions in a wide variety of shapes and sizes no matter what you are looking for. Popular nail extensions include square shapes, squoval, almond shaped extensions, round acrylics, oval shapes, long stiletto extensions.

Nail A la Carte

Sometimes you don't need a full manicure when you stop in to Nailed & Lashed. That’s why we offer all of our customers a la carte options for all of our nail services. Need to drop in just for a touch up? Only need gel polish? No problem! We offer a wide selection of services to choose from that include addingpolish, touch ups, polish removal, reshapes, and so much more. Our a la carte services can be mixed and matched to be anything that you need.

Standard Pedicures

Nothing will have you feeling quite as pampered as a pedicure from Nailed & Lashed. We offer a variety of standard pedicures that range from quick in and out pedicures to more speciality pedicures like a mani-pedi combo. Regardless of the pedicure option that you choose, you can sit back and relax with one of the most incredible manicures that you can find at Nailed & Lashed.

Specialty Pedicures

Specialty pedicures go above and beyond to make you feel like royalty! At Nailed & Lashed salon in Las Vegas, we aim to roll out everything for our specialty pedicures which include everything that comes in our standard pedicures and more. With so many specialty scents like Sassy Citrus and Flower Bomb to make your foot bath smell incredible, your specialty pedicure will certainly be one to remember.

Lash Extensions

Stunning eyelash extensions don’t just happen! When you want to have long and gorgeous eyelashes you need to visit the best salon in Las Vegas, Nailed & Lashed. Our experienced and talented team are ready to give you eye-catching lash extensions that are great looking and affordable! We offer classic lashes, glamorous lashes, lash fills, lash baths, hybrid lash extensions and so much more! Stop in anytime and talk to one of our many talented staff about getting the best lash extensions in Las Vegas only at Nailed & Lashed.

Lash Series Specials

Lash series specials are the perfect way to save on your eyelash extensions while making sure that you always have them filled in week after week. Lash series specials are a great way to stop overpaying for routine eyelash extension fills! At Nailed & Lashed, when you purchase 4 fills from us, we’ll give you the 5th one for free! Enjoy this offer with traditional lash fills, mixed fills, or volume fills!

Facial Services

When you come into Nailed & Lashed in Las Vegas, you come in for more than just a simple facial treatment. Here, you can experience one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating facials that you have ever experienced. Our facial services are the perfect way to feel tighter, toned, and clear skin that will help you fight all of the visible signs for aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and sun spots.


Say goodbye to unwanted body hair! We offer the best waxing from any salon in Las Vegas. Nailed & Lashed can help you get rid of unsightly body hair that makes you feel unkept and insecure. Let’s wax away those insecurities. We offer a variety of waxing services that include lips, eyebrows, Brazilian waxes, chest, back, legs, and so much more. Speak to our staff today about scheduling your wax.

#1 Outstanding Customer Service

When you visit Nailed & Lashed nail salon in Summerlin, we roll out the red carpet and give you the VIP treatment. You’re not just a customer here, you’re a star deserving of the best nail salon experience in Las Vegas. We’re committed to giving you the highest level of customer satisfaction so that you leave here feeling pampered and taken care of.

#2 Find the Best Special Manicures and Pedicures

At Nailed & Lashed in Summerlin, we take manicures and pedicures to the next level with our wide selection of specialty manicure and pedicure options. From quick and simple nail services to unique pedicure options that range from CBD isolate treatments to lavish champagne pedis that will have you feeling like royalty that you can’t find anywhere else.

#3 We’re Not Your Ordinary Nail Salon or Lash Lounge

We’re not your ordinary nail salon or lash lounge. No, we go above and beyond to bring you the best nail salon experience in Summerlin, Las Vegas. Nailed & Lashed is a nail salon experience that you simply have to try for yourself! Come see for yourself why our nail salon and eyelash lounge have turned into one of the best full-service salons in town!

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We are happy to repair the following under our Service Guarantee. 8 day Guarantee for gel polish, 7 day Guarantee for acrylic. If you are experiencing any excessive shedding of your Lash Extensions we will make the necessary adjustments 48 hours after your appointment. Lash Appointments made after the 48 hour period will be considered a Lash Fill. No refunds

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