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The Best Eyelash Extensions Glamorous lashes don’t just happen! When you want to have long, beautiful lashes, sometimes you need to look to the best nail salon in Las Vegas for the elegant and eye-catching lash extensions that you deserve! Want to find the best hybrid lashes? At Nailed and Lashed, we believe that everyone should be able to treat themselves to the wonderful experience of getting eyelash extensions at least once in their lifetime!

That’s why we go above and beyond with our lash extensions to ensure that not only are our eyelash extensions elegant and great looking but that we offer affordable lash extensions as well! Join us for some of the most glamorous hybrid lashes in Las Vegas! We offer classic lashes, glamorous lashes, lash fills, lash baths, hybrid lash extensions and so much more! Drop by today and talk to one of our many talented staff about getting the best lash extensions in Las Vegas.

Face of an Angel
Classic Lashes

We believe lashes should be made affordable for everyone at least once. In an effort to ensure to you stand out amongst all the glitz and glamor only Las Vegas. This is a natural looking set, perfect for those new to Lashes!



Hollywood Glam
A Mix of Classic & Volume Lashes

Get Glamorous with an elegantly appointed set of luscious lashes that will definitely turn some heads! This set is our most popular. Who doesn’t want to wake up wonderful? You’re gonna love your lashes so much you will never go back to a messy, gunky, tube of mascara again!



Sin City Diva
Volume Lashes

For Vegas Vixens Only! Voluptuous and as velvety as you can get!
Now that’s hot! This full set includes 3 -6 Lash extensions to each of your own healthy natural Lashes the Sin City Diva is a home run!



Lash Goddess
Extreme Volume Lashes

Extreme Lashes are also known as Mega Volume or Russian Volume Lashes. This technique applies up to 15 very fine Lashes to each one of your own natural healthy Lashes. This Fabulous Set is for Goddesses only that want that insanely fully loaded look!



Lash Fills

Fills Classic $65+ Mixed $85+ Volume $95+ Extreme $115+
(Traditional fill replaces 30%)

Mini Lash Fill Classic $39 Mixed $59 Volume $69 Extreme $99 
(Touch up replaces 20%)

Major Fill Classic $79 Mixed $99 Volume $109 Extreme $129
(A much needed fill replaces 40%)


$59 and up

Lash Bath

*15 min- No time, rushing from work? Get relaxed and ready to be Lashed with is amazing add on that improves the retention of your Lash Extensions. Our Lash Bath Facial thoroughly will cleanse your Lashes and help those babies stick! So worth it!



Lash Removal



Lash Extension Policy *Please note not all Lash Artists are participating in special offers

Please make sure that you are Love’n your Lashes before you leave the Salon! We will not schedule any fixes or adjustments to the style of your Lash Extensions once you leave the Salon. If you are experiencing any redness or burning please call the Salon immediately. If you are not happy with the results of your service call us to schedule an appointment to come into the Salon within 48 hours from your original appointment so that we may access the condition of your Lashes. Any appointments scheduled outside of the 48 hour window will be considered a lash fill and you will be charged appropriately for the service.

It is imperative that you follow the aftercare instructions if you do not your lash extensions will not last. Please note, if you get your lashes wet within the first 48 hours the adhesive will not cure properly resulting in a premature loss of your Lash Extensions. If you wear eye makeup or do not clean your lashes properly, debri will collect and break down the adhesive faster resulting in more frequent lash fill appointments. It is sometimes impossible for certain clients to having the lasting results that others may. We cannot control our movements while sleeping, watery eyes, excessive sweating, or oily skin. Some of us will need fills often where others can go for weeks.

Please come to your appointment with Makeup Free Lashes or your results will be compromised. As a courtesy to others, only customers getting services are allowed in our Lash Lounge, and no cell phone conversations, please.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment if you are new to Nailed & Lashed to fill out our Lash Consent Form. Returning customers please be on time for your appointments. If you arrive late, your Lash Artist will not be able to complete the service you are paying for.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please make sure to cancel 6 hours in advance, or you will lose your deposit. An additional charge of $25 will be taken for no shows to scheduled appointments.

Thank you for your cooperation!

We are happy to make any adjustments to your Lash Extensions within 48 hours after your appointment. Lash Appointments made after the 48 hour period will be considered a Lash Fill. No refunds