Gel Manicure Las Vegas

Getting the best gel manicure in Las Vegas is easier than ever with Nailed and Lashed. Here you can enjoy an incredible gel polish manicure from our highly qualified and friendly team of nail technicians! We strive to make your gel manicure experience an unforgettable one. We’re committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service while giving you a gel polish manicure like no other! Stop into Nailed and Lashed today and see why our Gel manicures are the best in Las Vegas!

The Best Las Vegas Manicures

There can be so many nail polish options to pick, choosing just one can feel impossible! Our team of professional nail technicians is available to help guide you through the process of choosing the best nail polish for you. At Nailed and Lashed nail salon in Las Vegas, we approach every gel manicure with the highest attention to detail to ensure that your nails hold up to the test of time and look incredible for weeks to come.

Unlike other nail salons in Las Vegas, we aim to make your manicure an entire experience that you’ll enjoy from start to finish. Our incredible and personable team has years of experience working and owning nail salons where they have perfecting gel polish and manicured nails. You can rest easy knowing that your nails are in good hands!

Gel Polish

Just need to stop in and get a coat of gel polish for your nails? No problem! We offer quick and long-lasting gel polish services. Unlike traditional nail polish, gel polish is a long-lasting polish that will keep your nails shining longer. Gel polish is applied in a similar manner to traditional nail polish, but gel polish goes through extensive treatments while applying them to ensure a long-lasting look. Each layer of polish that is added to your nails is placed under a UV light to cure. This process creates a protective layer of polish over your nails that will prevent the nails from chipping. This is the perfect nail polish if you want to go a couple of weeks in between salon visits!

Gel Manicure

If you have more time and want to experience everything that Nailed and Lashed has to offer, then you need to experience our Gel Manicure. Our gel manicure service includes everything that you can expect from a manicure: shaping the free edges of the nails, pushing and clipping any excess tissue, nail treatments, and finally the application of your choice of gel polish. These added layers of protection on your nails make gel manicures stronger than your classic manicure. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants to commit to a nail style for a couple of weeks at a time.

How Long Do Gel Manicures Last?

While generally more expensive than traditional manicures, gel manicures last significantly longer than your classic nail polish. With classic nail polish can start chipping away after just a few days, when well taken care of, gel polish can last up to three weeks at a time. How long gel manicures last ultimately depends on how well you treat your hands and your nails.

The Benefits of Gel Nail Polish

Gel Manicures are Long Lasting and Durable! There are numerous benefits to getting a gel nail polish manicure! Because of the process of application, which requires that each layer of gel polish be cured under UV lights, the hard and glossy finish is one that lasts for a long time. Each layer also adds protection for your natural nails to protect them from chipping or breaking as they grow.

Gel Polish Removal

When it comes time to remove your gel nail polish, you can stop into Nailed and Lashed for professional gel polish removal. Gel polish can be difficult to remove on your own and removing gel polish improperly can damage your nails. At Nailed and Lashed, our trained staff can remove your gel polish safely in a manner that will not damage your nails.

Protecting your natural nails is so important and the gel polish removal process should be handled by someone who has done it countless times before. The experience that our nail technicians bring to your gel manicures and gel polish removal is really what sets us apart from the rest. We’re here to help take care of your nails.