Planning the Perfect Kid’s Spa Birthday Party

Spa birthday parties are more popular than ever, and it is easy to see why! We all love to be pampered, and sharing your experience with your besties is a fantastic treat! This is why Nailed and Lashed loves what we do. A spa birthday party is an incredible experience for adults, young children, and tweens. Everyone loves a special day of pampering.

At Nailed and Lashed, we believe that our salon party packages are the ultimate way to enjoy your next spa party if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, hassle-free celebration. So whether you are throwing your party at home or coming to the spa, we have some great ideas to consider.

Today, we will share some great ideas for planning a fabulous, luxurious spa party that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Our party tips and ideas are also entirely adaptable and perfect for everyone, no matter the age. So get ready for a fun-filled day you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Spa Birthday Party Tips

Tip #1 for a Spa Party: Pick a Theme

A theme for a party isn’t necessary but is such a festive part of a party and can help you choose decorations, music, etc. When choosing a theme, include favorite characters, activities, and hobbies that the birthday star is sure to enjoy.

The following themes are our favorite for a party at the spa: 

kids spa birthday party


Who doesn’t enjoy the enchantment of pretending to live under the sea? Take your child’s mermaid dreams, and turn them into a reality at their spa birthday party with the following ideas:

  • Nail polish in sparkly blues, pinks, and purples
  • Ocean themed streamers, balloons, and party favors served with goldfish crackers, cupcakes, or pink mermaid juice.
  • Music from the soundtrack of Disney’s, The Little Mermaid.
  • Teal-colored flip-flops, embellished with flowers, jewels, and stickers.


So many children are obsessed with magical creatures like unicorns! The below ideas are perfect if you’re wanting to throw a unicorn-themed spa party your child and their friends are sure to love.  

  • Make a Unicorn cake for your child’s birthday.
  • Party favors could be cute unicorn horns or have the tweens craft a custom unicorn horn. 
  • Hair mascara is the perfect way to decorate each guest’s “mane” because it is temporary, bright, and fun! 

Tip #2 for a Spa Party: Select Spa Packages

Encourage partygoers to unwind and relax with a variety of age-appropriate spa treatments. While some spa treatments are not appropriate for every age group, there are so many different treatment ideas below that can be catered to all different ages.

Preschool Spa Treatment Ideas (Age 3-5)

Preschoolers enjoy running around, laughing, and being with each other. Short, sweet spa treatments are perfect for the younger guests. 

Consider the simple and luxurious preschool ideas below:

  • Mani-pedis, using non-toxic nail polish of course. 
  • Pampering a doll is perfect for children. Invest in washable markers for makeup and doll nail polish, provide cute hair accessories like barrettes, clips, and scrunchies.
  • Set the tone with an “under the sea” vibe using a bubble machine and having balloons everywhere. 
fun spa birthday party for kids

Spa Treatments for 6–9 Year Olds

As the ages go up, spa treatments can get longer! While 6-9 year olds still love to move around and be silly, the below treatment ideas are definitely doable.

  • Glittery manicures and pedicures with fun colors and stickers.  at home Include glittery nail stickers and a variety of nail polish colors.
  • Face masks. 
  • Provide lip gloss, lip balms, and other play makeup items.

For the Tweens! Spa Treatment Ideas for 10 – 12 Year Olds

Tweens are a unique age group and the perfect age for the below spa treatment ideas. The transition from being a small child to a teenager is filled with physical and emotional changes. Introducing tweens to skin care and the importance of self care can benefit 10 to 12 year olds in a big way, and it can also be the perfect party idea.

  • Share essential skin care tips during a manicure and pedicure.
  • Make a sugar scrub to exfoliate your hands, feet, and body.
  • Try a face mask while also recommending relaxation and mindfulness techniques.
tween spa birthday party

Tip #3 for a Spa Party: Relax and Have Fun!

Party planning can be stressful, especially if we become obsessed with creating the “perfect” party experience for our little ones. When planning a children’s event, keep in mind to be flexible and allow the children to make the party their own, explore, be silly, and have fun. Check out Nailed and Lashed to learn more about memorable spa experiences in our kid-friendly salon!

Food and beverages

Throwing a party, celebrating, and getting pampered takes a lot of energy! Keeping tasty snacks at your disposal is key to enjoying the birthday party all the way through. As your pedicures and manicures are drying, have the birthday kid’s favorite snacks on hand. Fresh fruit and bubbly drinks are our go-to snacks for a spa celebration.

More ideas for food at a spa party includes finger sandwiches, vegetables and dip, salads, yogurt,  and a charcuterie board. Healthy, simple snacks are perfect for an event that lasts just a couple of hours. 

Don’t forget dessert: Go all out and have some decadent desserts that match the theme! It is, after all, a party!

unicorn birthday party theme

Kids Spa Birthday Party Favors

In our opinion, a guest should never leave a spa birthday party empty-handed. Cute, small drawstring bags filled with mini bottles of lotion,nail polish,  bath salts, lip balm, and a healthy snack. 

Contact Nailed and Lashed for the Ultimate Kid’s Spa Birthday Party

Look no further than Nailed and Lashed if you want the perfect setting for a unique and fun kid’s spa birthday party. We are not your ordinary nail salon and lash lounge. So, if you’re looking for a place to make the birthday party fun, unique, and relaxing all at the same time, call Nailed and Lashed today!

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