Sometimes You Need A Clean Slate!

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Being a business owner is not easy. Every time you think you have accomplished your list another task appears. It’s endless, but rewarding as well! Over the 6 years I have owned and operated Nailed and Lashed I can honestly say I am truly blessed. From the Customers to the Technicians, I have been to fortunate to cross paths with so many people from all walks of life. I feel I’ve grown and become a better person because of it.

While I have enjoyed knowing the majority of the 100 plus people that were once part of our Nailed and Lashed Family, of those that have come and gone over the years there are only two I hold in my heart to this day. One lesson I have learned is that everyone is replaceable, some far more easily than others.

My message to fellow business owners is this. Trust your gut! Don’t be afraid to start again with a clean slate. Don’t keep people around that don’t respect or appreciate you. Having a job, especially now, with all that is going on is a luxury. People who believe they are entitled are not going to last, those who are appreciative will. The faces I saw 6 years ago when I started this venture are not the same. With some exceptions, you know who you are, I prefer the new faces. Their dedication and drive to do their job well by far exceeds the majority of those who proceeded them. Never the less I cannot help but care for a few that have moved on and hope they are doing well! Probably my biggest flaw in business.

I hope that in someway, each and every person that has spent time under our roof has grown from the experience. I hope those that have given me the ability to continue this journey with a clean slate know how much I appreciate their hard work and look forward to a new chapter of Nailed and Lashed! I’m Super Impressed so far, and glad to have been given the opportunity to start a new. So far it’s been so refreshing! -Andrea

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