The Champagne Pedicure

Enjoy a glass of Champagne while receiving this Signature Treatment The Champagne Pedicure is high in antioxidants.

Let the Festivities Begin!

  • We add a shot of Champagne to your mineral foot bath. This helps to activate and prepare the skin for the application of our signature Champagne and Raspbery Body Scrub.
  • Our Body Scrub is a combination of Fine and Raw Sugar, Apricot Oil, Shea Butter, and Essential Oils, designed to leave the skin with a radiant glow. The tiny bubbles in the champagne work as a natural exfoliant and also are said improve blood circulation.
  • Our Champagne infused scrub is followed by a Sweet Orange Oil Hot Stone massage to relieve and relax tired muscles.
  • A Clay Mask will to rid the body of toxins is then applied along with pain relieving Warm Paraffin application to moisturize and heal, your feet and hands.
  • We follow by applying refreshing cooling Gel to your feet and legs.
  • Next we apply our signature Blue Raspberry Massage Butter to your Feet, Legs, Arms and Hands.
  • Your Pedicure finishes with yet another massage application of our signature Pure lotion to your Feet, Legs, Arms and Hands.

*All the Basics of a Great Pedicure are also included

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