How To Make Body Scrub

There are all kinds of Body Scrubs on the market. I have come across a few that I liked but there was always something missing or added that I didn’t care for. An good exfoliating Body Scrub clears away dry and dead skin cells. Your skin should feel refreshed, brightened, super soft, and smooth. I have found that applying a rich moisturizer after a Body Scrub exfoliation locks in the skin softening ingredients of a good Body Scrub and the effects last longer. The biggest problem I have come across with store bought scrubs is the price. A little goes a long way does not apply! This is why making your own not only means more for your money, it’s easy and you can customise the perfect combinations just for you without perservatives.

Everyone is different here are the steps to creating the perfect Body Scrub for you.

Choose your carrier oil. Here are my top picks.

Sweet Almond Oil is heavy, is does not evaporate as Almond Oil does. Yes there is a difference. Sweet Almond Oil used for centuries to treat dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. It also been said to help reverse sun damage. Because of its weight, I like Sweet Almond Oil best for my Body Scrub. 7.5 lbs ( 1 Gallon) will cost around $22, order online at Bulk Apothecary. I have seen this Sweet Almond Oil as high as $40 per gallon.

Apricot Kernel Oil is lighter then Sweet Almond Oil. For those that do not have extremely dry skin and don’t want to feel to greasy, this may be a better choice for you. It moisturizes dry, sensitive skin. Apricot Kernel Oil smooths wrinkles, fine lines, and other symptoms of maturing skin. 7.5 lbs ( 1 Gallon) will cost around $30. Shop around for the best price look for free shipping.

Grape Seed Oil would be my choice for those with nut allergies or that are prone to acne. Like Apricot Kernel Oil it has a lighter weight. It’s non-comedogenic and blends easily into all skin types to moisturize without clogging pores or causing breakouts. It can aid in repairing blemishes, minor wounds, and soothe sunburn. 7.5 lbs ( 1 Gallon) should run around $20.

To Shea or Not To Shea?

Ultra Refined Pure Shea Butter has been refined and deodorized with natural clays to remove color and odor. This is pure and refined, it is the least expensive option. I would not recommend Natural Shea Butter though it is considered to be high in vitamin/mineral. It has a strong natural aroma that really smells bad!. High Melt Shea Butter is most expensive and you don’t need this unless you are producing high volumes of product. The best thing about adding Shea Butter to your Body Scrub is it holds the product together while adding moisturizing and smoothing qualities to your Body Scrub. Tip: you need to melt it and make sure it cools before you add it to your mixture. 

Fine Sugar, Raw Sugar, or Salt?

This is all about how much exfoliation you are looking for and the feel of your Body Scrub. I like 2/3 Fine Sugar and 1/3 Raw Sugar. I do not recommend Salt, unless you are making Foot Scrub. I feel it’s very harsh and can burn.

Last But Not Least, Essential Oils

This can be the fun or frustrating part. Blending the scent for your Body Scrub. Different Essential Oils have many different benefits and effects on the skin, so do some research. FYI there is no such thing as “Organic” when it comes to an Essential Oil. Do Terra a other companies like it are a rip off. Check and compare prices. My favorites are Grapefruit, white is stronger than pink, mixed with Black Pepper and Vanilla. If you like a cooling effect Peppermint is very inexpensive and a little does go a very long way It combines well with Sweet Orange which is also inexpensive! Lavender has many variations that combine well with Rose. Tip: Geranium does not smell good in my opinion!

All The Products Used In Our Specialty Pedicures Are Made IN-House

At Nailed and Lashed we offer 5 different type of Body Scrubs used in our Specialty Pedicures. Goddess my Favorite is Grapefruit based. Velvet is Lavender based. Buff is for those who love the smell of a Spa. Kiss smells like fresh baked cookies and Champagne is as decadent as its name! Subscribe to our Blog and YouTube channel for more Information.

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