Safety First

On March 17, 2020, Governor Sisolak stated, “I have spoken with Nevada’s top medical experts to get their assessment of our current situation and most responsible next steps,” Gov. Sisolak said. “They have advised that the most effective course of action is to direct all Nevadans to stay home and for all nonessential businesses to close for 30 days

Nailed and Lashed is missing all our loyal customers and looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Opening May 1st with extreme safety measures and extraordinary precautions underway. We will be monitoring and distancing all staff and customers. All cancelation fees for customers that need to cancel their scheduled appointments will be waived. We will be providing hand sanitizer and masks. Disinfecting surfaces such as sinks, door knobs, light switches, credit card processing machines, work stations, and bathrooms regularly. CDC website states regular hand washing for 20 seconds and avoiding touching your face are the best defense in self protection. CDC also states people are most contagious once they show symptoms. If you are feeling sick please stay home and take care of yourself !

You can schedule your appointments online, if you need to change your appointment or re-schedule all deposits will be credited to your account. Look for Specials “Coming Soon” on our VIP page PW: Boyfriend

Closed to the public for 30 days.

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