Be Your Own Boss!

My Son has always had a mind of his own. This head strong young man has wanted to be his own boss since he was 16 years old. I will never forget the day I was coming home from work and as I approached my house in Wisconsin there was something very strange in my driveway. As I got closer I couldn’t believe my own eyes! 6 Ice Cream Trucks lined the entire space, not nice Ice Cream Trucks, Old beat up Ice Cream Trucks. In fact one didn’t run at all. I screamed for my Son to “get these out of here”. He couldn’t understand my displeasure as he explained that he already had girls from school lined up to drive them around. He got such a deal at $100 a truck. In the end he sold them at a $600 profit and my driveway was clear. Since then many ideas have made their way in and out of his head. Nailed and Lashed was the most successful and entirely his idea.

He set out to take a business model that works, Nail Salons are on every corner in every strip mall. What makes us different in my opinion is the vibe, you want to go where everybody knows your name. You want to feel something different. From the music we play to the products we make I truly hope people know they are special to us and enjoy the environment we provide. Andrea

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Chadwick Leonard