Nail Salon & Lashes  In Las Vegas

Best Eyelash Extensions & Nail Salon Las Vegas Welcome to Nailed & Lashed. Top Nail Salon Las Vegas, Eyelash Extensions Salon, Manicure, Pedicures, Lash Extensions, Waxing, Skincare, Posh Nails Lounge, Events. Vegas Nails Salon & Lashes Extensions, Check Our Reviews Nailed and Lashed in Las Vegas.

Nailed & Lashed's - Eyelash Extensions & Nail Salon Las Vegas talented team are ready to make you look and feel your best. Choose from 12 Polish Lines, hundreds of jars of Glitter, Swarovski Crystal Stones to turn your fingertips into miniature works of art.

We offer 8 different Specialty Pedicures, all featuring Nailed & Lashed brand products made from only the best Essential Oils.

Behind the velvet curtains of our Chandelier Lash Lounge, are Master Lash Artists, offering Custom Lash Designs to make you glamorous.

Nailed & Lashed - Eyelash Extensions & Nail Salon Las Vegas is committed to delivering a one of a kind experience. Nails, Lashes, Waxing, and Teeth Whitening services.

*Due to ongoing attempted fraudulent transactions Nailed and Lashed will be accepting CASH ONLY
as of April 1st 2021. ATM available. We apologize for any inconvenience.*

What began as "Not Your Ordinary Nail Salon Or Lash Lounge" has blossomed into a Full-Service Salon!

Our Signature Services

Get completely Nailed and Lashed with whatever style your little heart desires?

Our most popular services are listed below. You tell us what you want and we will customize your services!